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10 mai 2019



What is the destiny of the Church here on earth ? In clear why has GOD put the Church here on earth ? To anwser this question at the Church level, it is first of all usefull to answer the same question at the level of the individual Born Again Christian. Surely many Born Again Christians have put themselves this question : why has GOD put me here on earth ?

To start, let us recall that we the elect, were chosen by GOD and created by GOD before the very creation of the world. Ephesians 1:4 clearly states that GOD the FATHER chose us in GOD the LORD JESUS CHRIST before the foundation of the world. Yes you individual Born Again Christian, you were created and chosen in GOD the SON JESUS CHRIST by GOD the FATHER even before the creation of the world. Folks, this is quite deep. While the children of Satan were created by GOD only with the creation of the world (and sown in the world by Satan), we were created and elected before the creation of the world. So we are not the same age as Satan’s children and Satan’s children can just not match us in any way. This is surely why GOD has established us as gods over Satan’s children, making us the only light to them and the only salt to them. What we bind here on earth concerning them is bound in Heaven and what we loose here on earth concerning them  is loosed in Heaven as revealed in Matthew 16 :19. Yes GOD has established us as gods over Satan’s children as revealed in Exodus 7 :1 when GOD says ; I have made thee a god to Pharaoh.

Now John 17:16 says that you Born Again Christian are not of this world, while John 8 :23 says that Satan’s children are of this world. This is quite normal because we existed in GOD, chosen by GOD even before the creation of this world while Satan’s children were created by GOD only with this world and then handed over to Satan so that Satan could sow them in this world (2 Corinthians 9 :10 says that GOD is HE that ministereth seed to the sower and Satan is also a sower like us).

If you, Born Again are not of this world, why then has GOD put you in this world ? The answer is revealed by 1 Corinthians 15 : 36-38. GOD put you Born Again Christian in this world so that you should die (yes die with CHRIST JESUS because a seed put into the earth must start by going rotten and dying), then resurrect (yes resurrect with CHRIST JESUS) and then receive from GOD a new Body which will bear a lot of fruits for GOD. Yes, as long as you were not yet sent into the world by GOD, it was not possible for you to produce fruits for GOD. So you came here on earth to die, then resurrect and receive a new Body which could bear a lot of fruits for GOD. This is why GOD sent you individual Born Again, here on earth.  Ephesians 2 :10 says that you were created in JESUS CHRIST unto good works, which GOD has before ordained. But as long as you were not yet come into this world, you were just unable to fulfill these good works because it was necessary for you to start by dying in CHRIST JESUS, resurrect in CHRIST JESUS and then receive a new Body able to bear fruits for GOD, that is able to fulfill all the good works which GOD has before ordained. This is why you are here on earth and this is a striking difference between we human Christians and Angels. Angels don’t need to do like GOD that is to die and resurrect before ministering unto GOD but we human Chistians, created at the image of GOD, we need to die and resurrect before being able to yield fruits unto GOD. And this earth is the only place chosen by GOD for this dying and resurrection process.

Now that we have discovered in the Bible why is the individual Born Again Christian sent to this world by GOD, let us tackle the reason why GOD has put his Church in this world.

What is the destiny of the Church here on earth ?

 To answer to this let us remember that CHRIST JESUS is the HEAD and the Church is the Body. Since the HEAD has already accomplished all the past and all the future, it is wise to just look at what the HEAD has achieved and you will get a clear understanding of the destiny and mission of the Church on earth. The Body must follow exactly the HEAD because John 5 :19 reveals that what things soever the HEAD doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise. So what has done the LORD JESUS CHRIST who is our HEAD ? He died at Golgotha, went rotten in the grave and spent two days in the grave and early in the morning of the third day, HE resurrected. This is exactly what the Church is following. The Church was sown in year 30 at the Pentecost. But we were sown as a dead seed into the world  as explained by 1 Corinthians 15 : 36-38 already shared above. So we the Church, we are died, gone rotten and we are stinking in the grave since year 30, giving a savour of death unto death to them that perish (Satan’s children) and giving a savour of life unto life to them that are saved. But we must follow the HEAD as revealed in John 5 :19 meaning that in year 2030, early in the morning, there must be a global resurrection of the Church all over the world. This means that in year 2030, Daniel 2 :44 will be accomplished. GOD will resurrect his Kingdom which is the Church and the Church will break in pieces all the four global satanic empires on earth and then the Church will become a mountain filling the whole earth meaning that the Church will become a unique global Kingdom filling the whole earth.  

Yes this will happen in year 2030 because Daniel 2 :44 says that it will happen « in the days of these kings » and not during the rapture or the great tribulation or the millenial reign of the LORD JESUS on earth. It will happen when the four global satanic empires are still standing on earth and having their evil kings ruling over them. Please Daniel 2 :44 is clear. It is not saying that GOD will come down HIMSELF on earth to do the job but it is saying that GOD will set up here on earth a Kingdom which will do the job. So neither the tribulation period nor the millenial reign are concerned here. Read again Daniel 2 :44 in thy Bible (King James) please and read this verse calmly. Who says that the Church is the only Kingdom of GOD working here on earth ? The answer is found in Revelation 1:6 and Hebrews 12 :28. These verses establish without doubt that GOD has only one precise Kingdom acting here on earth on his behalf : the Church.

And the Kingdom set by GOD as stated in Daniel 2 :44 is acting here on earth and not in Heaven. Exodus 19 :6 says this ; And ye shall be unto ME a Kingdom of Priests, and an holy Nation. So there is no doubt that it is the Church which is destroying all the four global satanic empires and it is this resurrected Church which is becoming a unique global Kingdom filling the earth and ruling the earth. Daniel 2 :45 says clearly that this Stone which brakes in pieces the four satanic kingdoms all over the earth is cut out of the Mountain without hands. Which Mountain is that ? Psalm 2 :6 says that this Mountain is the Holy Hill of Zion and Psalm 2 :6 reveals that GOD the FATHER has set up his KING over this Holy Hill and even a child knows that this KING set up over Mount Zion is GOD the SON the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Ephesians 2 :6 reveals that each Born Again Christian is sitting in heavenly places in CHRIST JESUS, meaning that the whole Church is sitting in heavenly places in CHRIST JESUS who is established KING over Mount Zion. This is why Nebucadnezzar saw in his dream, the Church cut out of Mount Zion without hands. Without hand means that this action is supernaturally monitored by GOD HIMSELF.



Once the Church is cut out without hands from Mount Zion and is used by GOD in year 2030 to destroy all the four satanic global empires, will darkness disappear instantly from the earth ? Will all false religions, all freemasonry (I always wonder how slaves of sin and death can call themselves free), all rosicrusianism, all illuminatis cults, all other dark witchcrafts disapear instantly from the earth in this year 2030 ? Let us open again the Book of Daniel to answer precisely to this important question. Daniel 2 :34-35 says that after the Stone cut out without hands has done the the job of breaking to pieces all the four satanic global empires, the WIND will carry all this trash away from the earth. Yes read it carrefully in thy King James Holy Bible. It is the Stone that is the Church which is doing the destruction job (step one) and after this destruction job is done, the WIND that is the HOLY SPIRIT comes in and do the cleaning job (step two). Bible readers do not need additional explanation to understand that this WIND cleaning away the trash from the earth is the HOLY SPIRIT. Then after the cleaning job has been properly done by the WIND, the Stone grows and becomes a great mountain filling the whole earth (step three). These three steps are very clear in Daniel 2 :34-35. The first step happens early in the morning on the third day of resurrection that is in year 2030. But how long will it take for the HOLY GHOST to clean away all the trash from the earth ? Daniel 7 : 21-22 says that the little horn rising up upon the head of the fourth beast makes war with the Saints and prevails against them untill GOD comes and gives judgment to the Church so that the Church takes possession of the Kingdom. This war started the very day the Church was born at the Pentecost in year 30. Since the year 30, this little horn has been trampling on and crushing the Church. As if it were not enough, Daniel 8 : 9-11 reveals that since our birth in year 30, there is also another little horn rising up upon the head of the western goat and which has been casting down to the ground some of  the Stars of Heaven and stamping upon them. The Stars of Heaven mentioned here are the Church dead in the grave. Just open thy Bible for few seconds and you will discover therein that the Stars of Heaven are the Born Again Christians or the Angels of Born Again Christians. Genesis 37 :9 says that the sun is Jacob, the eleven stars are the eleven sons of Jacob while the moon is Joseph’s mother. In Matthew 2 :2 the wise men from the east say that they have seen the Star of the new born Messiah. Revelation 1 : 20 says that the seven Stars which are in the right hand of GOD are the Angels of the seven churches. So this another little horn coming from the west as revealed in Daniel 8 : 9-11  destroys the east, the south, the Holy Land which is the Church, casts down to the ground and stamps over a portion of the Church since our birth in year 30 at the Pentecost. How long shall be this destruction of authentic Christianity by the two little horns ? The answser is revealed in Daniel 8 :13-14. Read carefully please. The second little horn destroys authentic Christianity throughout the earth for two thousand and three hundred days. You already know as explained in  Ezekiel 4 :5-6, that a day can announce a year in the prophetic realm. This leads us to discover that the destruction of authentic Christianity by the second little horn will last two thousand and three hundred years, starting from our birth in year 30. The Church will prevail throughout the earth and rule the earth as from year 2030 but Authentic Christianity will be completely established all over the earth only as from year 2 330 (30+2 300). So, we will still have all the current countries on earth from year 2030 to year 2330 allthough the Church will start ruling each country as from year 2030.  Daniel 8 :14 says that the cleansing of the sanctuary will occur after two thousand and three hundred prophetic years and since we were born in year 30, we understand that in year 2 330, the Authentic Christianity will fill the earth because all the trash of the four satanic global empires will have been wiped away from the earth in year 2 330. Here we are at last! We the Church resurrect in year 2 030, early in the morning of the third prophetic day, break in pieces with our spiritual weapons the four global satanic empires and start ruling in each country of the earth but without being yet a global empire. Then the HOLY GHOST takes three hundred years to cleanse the earth from false religions, freemasonry, rosicrusianism, illuminatis cults ( I always wonder how can the darkness of the law illuminate the illuminatis) and all other dark witchcrafts. In year 2330, the cleansing job is completed by the HOLY GHOST and so the Church can freely turn into a great mountain filling the whole earth that is a unique global and Holy Empire ruling the earth. You may argue that you have not seen in the Bible the duration of the war which the first little horn is carrying against the Saints. Fool, have you not read in Daniel 8 :14 that after two thousand and three hundred days the sanctuary will be cleansed ? The sanctuary is cleansed in year 2330 meaning that any dark dominion including that of the first little horn will completely disappear either before this date or at this date.                

 Now why do we say that the Church is dead in the grave from year 30 to year 2030 ? Bible readers know that for GOD, one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day (2 Peter 3 :8). Since the HEAD which is the FATHER spent two days in the grave, the Body which is the Church and which is the Son must also spend two prophetic days that is two thousand years in the grave. The two little horns have been destroying the TRUTH and the Church and have been prevailing against the Church since our birth in year 30 but GOD says this to the destroyers of the Church : Destroy this Temple and in three days, I will raise it up (John 2 :19). Of course only the seed of Satan do not understand that this Temple which GOD is raising on the third day as promised in Hosea 6:2 is GOD’s Body which is the Church. This is what GOD says in 1 Corinthians 15 :36. Thou fool, that which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die. So we the Church were sown in the world as a dead mustard seed in year 30 at the Pentecost, but in year 2030, early in the morning of the third day, we will be resurrected by GOD and will start producing grain for GOD throughout the earth.

The next question which comes now is to know what will the Church do after destroying the four satanic global empires in year 2030 and after becoming a unique Kingdom filling the whole earth in year 2330. To answer to this let us go back again to the HEAD. After resurrecting early in the morning on the third day, the HEAD revealed HIMSELF as a Glorious resurrected CHRIST to his disciples during fourty days. The Body will do the same thing meaning that as from year 2030, the Church will rule the entire earth for fourty thousand years, thus answering to the earnest expectation of the creation which waiteth for the manifestation of the Sons of GOD (Romans 8 :19). Yes the Church rules the entire earth as from year 2030 but since the HOLY GHOST will work till year 2330 to wipe away all the broken pieces of the four satanic global empires, it is only as from year 2330 that the Church will completely transform into a unique global Holy Empire filling the whole earth. Ruling the earth does not mean that you are already a unique global empire. These two steps are different as you can clearly see in the Bible. We rule each country of the earth as from year 2030 but all the trash of the broken satanic empires will still be filling the earth, preventing us from building a global Empire and this will last till year 2330 when the HOLY GHOST will have completed the cleaning of the earth as mentioned in Daniel 2 :35.  As from year 2330 when the WIND will have completely wiped away all the broken pieces of the four satanic global empires, the Church will cancel all the current countries and transform into a unique global Empire ruling the whole earth.  Are you still questioning why should the Church rule here on earth ? Oh thou fool, just open thy Bible and believe what says Romans 4 : 13. Romans 4 :13 says that we the Church, the seed of Abraham, we received from GOD who never lies, the promise that we must inherit the whole world and this promise is through the righteousness of faith. Do you know any heir who inherits but never rule upon his inheritance? And what will happen after the reign of the Church on earth during fourty thousand years ; which reign starts in year 2030 ? Even a child knows that the answer is the rapture. The HEAD was raptured after fourty days and so the Body will also be raptured after fourty thousand years of reign on earth, which reign must start in year 2030. Is that the end of the destiny of the Church on earth? Not yet and so, let us continue.


Matthew 25 :1-13 reveals that only a portion of Christians, the five wise virgins will be raptured after the fourty thousand years reign of the Church all over the earth. Another portion of Christians, the five foolish virgins will be left behind. A Born Again Christian is a virgin daughter of Zion (2 Kings 19:21). How do we know that a great portion of Christians will be left behind during the « first » rapture as mentioned in Matthew 25 :1-13 ( we put « first » because as you know, Enoch and Elijah were raptured before this rapture we are talking about here )? To answer to this let us go back to our Bible. Our Bible says this in Ecclesiastes 3 :15 ;  That which has been is now ; and that which is to be has already been ; and GOD requireth that which is past.

In the past, GOD used king Solomon to reveal to us the fourty thousand years reign of the Church here on earth. Are you still questioning why should the Church rule here on earth ? Oh thou fool, just open thy Bible and believe what says Romans 4 : 13. Romans 4 :13 says that we the Church, the seed of Abraham, we received from GOD who never lies, the promise that we must inherit the whole world and this promise is through the righteousness of faith. Do you know any heir who inherits but never rule upon his inheritance? The fourty years glorious reign of Solomon announce the fourty thousand years glorious reign of the Church on earth. Bible readers know that GOD also says that HE counts a day for a year as mentioned in Ezekiel 4:5-6. Here we can use what mathematicians call transitivity. A day can be counted for a year and a day is also a thousand years in the prophetic realm. This means that a natural year can prohetically announce a thousand years. That is why Solomon reigned for fourty years, announcing fourty thousand reign of the Church on earth. 1 Chronicles 17 :11-14 shows that Solomon represents and announces the Church ; he builds the Temple of GOD (and Christians know that GOD’s Temple is CHRIST’s Body which is the Church), the mercy of GOD will never be taken away from him and this is exactly the case for each Born Again which is elected by GOD before the creation of the world, he is the son of GOD as is any Born Again Christian. So how did end the reign of Solomon after fourty years ? At the end of his reign, Solomon turned away from GOD, married many heathen women, dived into idolatry. This is exactly how will end the fourty thousand years reign of the Church on earth. This marvelleous and very brilliant fourthy thousand years reign of the Church on earth will end in inter marriages with pagan seed of Satan and idolatry. This is why the rapture which will occur after fourty thousand years of Church’s reign will be a bitter surprise for a great majority of Christians ; the foolish virgins. When you are reigning and ruling on earth, you tend to enjoy and when you are living in permanent enjoyment, you easiliy forget to watch and pray (keeping oil in thy lamp) though you are a Born Again Christian. This is what the LORD JESUS CHRIST announced in Luke 18 :8 when HE said ; Nevertheless when the SON of Man cometh (on the clouds of course), shall HE find faith on earth ?

So when the wise virgins are raptured after fourty thousand years of Church’s reign on earth, GOD will punish the rebellious Solomon, the five foolish virgins, by splitting the left behind Church into two kingdoms ; on one hand the kingdom of Judah representing all the gentiles who were sinful Christians and are left behind and on the other hand the kingdom of Joseph representing all Jews who also were sinful Christians and are left behind. Just read 1 King 11 :11-13 to understand this. From these two kingdoms will spring forth millions who will repent with sackloth ; these are the two witnesses revealed in the Book of Revelation.

Many of the Christians left behind, made of both Jews and Gentiles (the two witnesses revealed in Revelation 11 :3-4) will repent before GOD with sackloth and get back to CHRIST JESUS. This tribulation Church made of backsliding Christians who have sincerely repented with sackloth will be empowered by GOD to damage all the rebellious civilizations awakened by Satan throughout the earth, with catastrophic judgments, signs and wonders as revealed in Revelation 11: 5-6. This damage will be accomplished on a global scale upon all rebellious nations by the tribulation Church, and this during three years and half, starting from the rapture of the wise virgins. After the three years and half, the dragon which is Satan will be given power over the tribulation Church and he will kill all those tribulation Saints and lay their bodies openly under the sun, refusing them grave. During three days and half their bodies will be let under the sun while the antichrist and Satan will be ruling the earth. Do you here realize how demonic are the rebellious nations of the earth ? They will enjoy having under their noses for three days and half, millions of stinking bodies of tribulation Saints. After these three days and half, all the tribulation Saints will be resurrected and raptured by GOD as revealed in Revelation 11 :11-12. This is the « second » rapture occuring three years and half after the « first rapture ». Finally, after antichrist and Satan have ruled the earth for three years and half starting from the killing of the tribulation Saints, an Angel of GOD will come down from Heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain. He will bind Satan an shut him up in the bottomless pit for a thousand years (Revelation 20 :1-3). And then the LORD JESUS CHRIST will come from Heaven and settle on earth with all the Church including the wise virgins wich are raptured just before the opening of the tribulation period and the tribulation Church which is raptured at the middle of the tribulation period.  And from there on, the LORD JESUS CHRIST and the whole Church will reign on earth for a thousand years. Folks, do you realize how important it is to reign over the earth ? During this millenial reign of GOD and the Church on earth, there will still be billions of Satan’s children on earth, waiting eagerly for the liberation of their father the dragon. These children of Satan will see all the good deeds of GOD on earth and even enjoy all the good living conditions set on earth by GOD during the millenial reign but this will not prevent them from longing after the liberation of their father Satan. They will just not repent. Folks, understand this and learn a lesson. It is not because you do a lot of good to Satan’s seed that it will repent and seek GOD. So allthrough the millenial reign of GOD and the Church on earth, Satan’s children will secretly conspire permanently in their lodges of darkness, waiting for their father the dragon to be loosed. Just read Psalm 2 :1-2 to discover this permanent conspiration carried out against GOD by Satan’s seed.  Folks, understand that even if you tremendously improve economic, political and living conditions for all the rebelious nations of the earth, this will not lead them to any repentence before GOD. They will instead long permamently after their sole objective; crowning Satan their father as king over the earth. So do not dream that when we apply justice and do good alltrough the earth, Satan’s seed will be grateful for that and turn back to JESUS CHRIST. Faith in JESUS does not spring from the earth, it comes from Heaven only. When the thousand years of millenial reign are expired, Satan being loosed out of the bottomless pit will immediately gather all his billions of children around the planet and they will together compass the Church and the city of Jerusalem (Revelation 20 :7-8). At this juncture, GOD will just send fire from Heaven to devour Satan and his billions of children (Revelation 20 :9). Here will end the mission of the Church on this current earth.

 Such is the destiny of the Church here on this current earth which will flee away and disapear as mentioned in Revelation 20:11.

Shalom to all the nations of the earth.

Reverend Apostle JOSEPH TOUBI.

may, 2019
















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23 décembre 2018

Qui gaspille donc l’argent public ?

Qui gaspille donc l’argent public ?


C'est curieux de constater que même dans les pays industrialisés et structurés, les politiques et économistes et différents "stratèges" posent sans cesse des questions et problèmes dont les réponses sont connues.

Dans de nombreux pays se pose sans cesse la même question en cette fin décembre 2018: où va la dépense publique ? Même les "économistes émérites" posent sans cesse la même question. Prenons par exemple la France des Huguenots. Il suffit de lire les rapports de la cour des comptes de ce pays pour savoir qui mange ce "pognon de dingue"

Premier coupable qui mange le "pognon de dingue"; la cour des comptes dit que ce sont les dépenses fiscales (plus de 90 milliards euros par an et excusez du peu) et si ce terme est technique pour vous, il signifie simplement les cadeaux fiscaux au 0,01% qui détient 99,99% de la richesse. Vous allez sans doute vous demander la raison de ces cadeaux fiscaux. Réponse ; ils servent à amadouer le 0,01% qui peut en un clic d’ordinateur déplacer sa fortune vers le Panama ou vers les Bahamas ou vers l’Etat du Delaware! Ce 0,01% trépigne du pied et n’attend plus que le monde nouveau sans pays, sans cultures des peuples, sans DIEU et gouverné depuis un prétendu nouveau temple localisé là où dit la Bible, par  l’antéchrist de Satan.

Donc les cadeaux fiscaux faits à certaines catégories de citoyens sont le premier responsable des problèmes et ensuite la cour des comptes ajoute que l'efficacité des ces cadeaux n'est pas prouvée et va même jusqu'à faire des tests qui démontrent largement l'inefficacité de plusieurs cadeaux fiscaux.

Deuxième coupable qui mange le "pognon de dingue": irrationalité des investissements publics parce que non application des techniques modernes de project management; les annonces politiques et les prétendus schémas directeurs qu'affectionnent nos loufoques dictateurs des tropiques prenant le pas sur les techniques d'évaluation de la pertinence économique. Ici le coupable est à rechercher dans ce 18ème siècle maçonnique des ténèbres qui nous a légué ce système de prétendus "partis politiques" qui font compétition dit-on devant le peuple pour accéder au pouvoir et au gouvernement (alors que chacun sait que du fonds des ténèbres ce sont les comploteurs illuminatis qui tirent les ficelles pour vainement essayer d'établir le prétendu gouvernement mondial des ténèbres).

Au passage, la cour des comptes rappelle un principe fondamental en économie: l'inflation zéro que recherchent toutes les banques centrales enrichit les capitalistes détenteurs de titres de créances (sur l'Etat bien sûr) mais aggrave de plus en plus le déficit public c'est-à-dire appauvrit de plus en plus le "reste de la population". Voilà un troisième mangeur de "pognon de dingue" ; cette quête mondiale effrénée de l’inflation zéro.

Puis dans un langage technocratique rôdé, la cour des comptes dit que toutes les souffrances des coupes budgétaires imposées aux peuples européens depuis Bruxelles sont fondées sur un « PIB potentiel » que personne ne sait comment mesurer en économie. Et comme personne ne sait comment mesurer, chacun fait son choix idéologique en ce qui concerne la méthode de mesure. Chaque gouvernement a sa mesure, le couple FMI/World Bank a sa mesure, Bruxelles a sa mesure et les économistes se déchirent à longueur d’années sur comment mesurer une insaisissable « croissance potentielle » et un chimérique « PIB potentiel ». Pourtant le « PIB potentiel » et la « croissance potentielle » sont les fondations que Bruxelles utilise pour imposer ses coupes budgétaires. Voilà de la sorcellerie à l’état pur qu’un gilet jaune qui n’a fréquenté ni Polytechnique, ni Centrale, ni l’Ena, ni Hec ne comprend point.

Cet exemple de la France se répète en fait dans la quasi totalité des pays, avec grossière amplification dans nos dictatures des tropiques et nous venons de le partager simplement à titre d'illustration pour que les peuples de la terre comprennent qu’en économie politique, la magie n’opère point et tout choix irrationnel se paie par une variable d’ajustement. Les illuminatis ont fait un choix spirituel du fonds des ténèbres : ce choix satanique dit que la construction du gouvernement mondial adorant le veau d’or étant essentiellement irrationnelle, les peuples sont la variable d’ajustement qui va payer le prix de l’avènement de l’antéchrist.

Il n'y a donc plus à lancer des audits de dépenses publiques en ce qui concerne les pays développés ; il faut simplement ouvrir et lire les rapports des cours des comptes et "marketer" leur contenu auprès des peuples afin qu’ils comprennent que les illuminatis les ont tous offerts en sacrifice sur l’autel du veau d’or, comme variable d’ajustement.

Shalom à tous les peuples de la terre.

Révérend Apôtre JOSEPH TOUBI

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29 octobre 2018



Nous sommes en fin octobre 2018 et il est temps de nettoyer de la terre les philosophies insensées des ténèbres.

Dans une vidéo intitulée « le nouveau tournant économique mondial » et récemment postée sur youtube, le Sieur Charles Gave, économiste émérite parmi les plus en vue des réseaux francophones,  soliloque pendant plus d’une heure sur le CHRIST-JESUS, l’Eglise, l’Etat, la loi, la monnaie, le libéralisme. A première vue, le citoyen distrait croirait facilement avoir enfin trouvé dans cette vidéo une source de lumière (ah le siècle des lumières) alors qu’en fait, il s’agit d’un enchaînement d’égarements épais et ténébreux car le Sieur Charles Gave entre dans des domaines qui lui sont inconnus et dont il ignore tout. Venons-en aux faits.

Matthieu 22 : 19-21 montre DIEU le FILS le CHRIST-JESUS déclarant de rendre à César ce qui est à César et à DIEU ce qui est à DIEU. Et ce cher Monsieur Gave se fonde sur cette PAROLE pour réciter et répéter la théorie connue de « séparation entre l’Eglise et l’Etat ». Quand on veut recourir à la PAROLE de DIEU pour bâtir, il faut le faire intégralement et surtout il faut d’abord être revêtu du SAINT-ESPRIT sans lequel nul ne peut comprendre ce qui est écrit dans la Bible.

Psaumes 24 :1 dit haut et fort que la terre et tout ce qu’elle renferme (oui tout y compris César et Rome !) appartiennent à DIEU qui est le Seigneur JESUS-CHRIST.  Donc aucune séparation possible entre DIEU (qui a pour Corps l’Eglise et ceci Mr. Gave ne le sait point) et l’Etat.

Matthieu 28 :18 établit que tout pouvoir dans le ciel et tout pouvoir sur la terre ( oui tout pouvoir sans exception, c’est-à-dire y compris par exemple le pouvoir politique et tous les pouvoirs récités par le 18ème siècle maçonnique des ténèbres) appartiennent en toute exclusivité à DIEU le FILS le CHRIST-JESUS. Donc pas de séparation possible entre DIEU (qui a pour Corps l’Eglise et ceci Mr. Gave ne le sait point) et l’Etat.

Agée 2 :8 révèle qui est in fine unique propriétaire de l’or et de l’argent. Or nos « économistes » délirent à longueur d’années sur la nature de la monnaie alors qu’ils n’ont pas la structure mentale requise pour entrer dans un début de compréhension de la nature de la monnaie puisque qu’ils ne savent pas ce qui est révélé dans ce verset Biblique de Agée 2 :8 . Si Mr. Gave veut un jour comprendre ce que c’est que la monnaie, qu’il médite déjà Agée 2 :8 et pour méditer Agée 2 :8 il faut avoir en son sein, le SAINT-ESPRIT. Ces choses sont aux Elus de DIEU et inutile de philosopher à longueur d’années sur des choses qui ne sont révélées par DIEU qu’aux Elus (oui Elus à ne pas confondre avec initiés car c’est chez les insensés illuminatis qu’on parle d’initiés).

Daniel 2 :21 révèle l’unique problème de la science politique : s’assurer que dans la société humaine, seuls les Sacrificateurs de DIEU c’est-à-dire les rois Elus de DIEU gouvernent chaque pays, chaque peuple de la terre. Contrairement à ce que répand le Sieur Charles Gave, la science politique n’a pas pour problème de « s’assurer que l’individu contrôle un Etat à qui il a remis le monopole de la violence légitime ». L’exécution de Daniel 2 :21 est le seul problème pertinent de la science politique et détermine le sort final des peuples et nations et royaumes de la terre. La désobéissance à Daniel 2 :21 mène à l’effondrement et à la mort des civilisations tandis que l’obéissance à Daniel 2 :21 mène à la VIE.

Pour finir expliquons au paroissien Mr. Gave ce que signifie Matthieu 22 : 19-21 qu’il prend comme appui sans rien y comprendre.

La Bible dit de répondre à l’insensé selon sa folie (nous laissons à Mr. Gave le lecteur de la Bible le soin de trouver le verset qui dit ceci). En Matthieu 22 :19-21, DIEU a bien vu la tentation perfide des Pharisiens et DIEU les renvoie simplement à leur propre folie. « Si vous êtes capables de trouver quelque chose appartenant à César et qui ne soit à DIEU, alors donnez cette chose à César et remettez le reste à DIEU ». Y-a-t-il meilleure façon de renvoyer un chien (les Pharisiens sont des chiens) avaler ses propres vomissures ?

Il suffit d’ouvrir sa Bible en Jean 8 : 7-8 et en Luc 20 : 2-3 pour comprendre que DIEU répond systématiquement aux Pharisiens en les renvoyant à leurs propres vomissures.

Concernant les bavardages de Mr. Gave au sujet du droit et de la loi, il suffit de rappeler à ce paroissien distrait que le MESSIE, le CHRIST-JESUS a accomplit toute la loi à Golgotha et mit fin à la loi pour ceux qui croient en LUI. La loi conduit à la mort car la mort est son unique objectif et le paroissien Mr. Gave ne le sait point et nous perd dans des verbiages sur le droit administratif et le droit pour le privé. Toute société humaine bâtie sur la loi a comme destin la mort et l’effondrement car seule la Foi (en CHRIST-JESUS) de l’individu Né de Nouveau conduit à la VIE. La loi établit le règne de la mort tandis que la Foi en CHRIST-JESUS mène à la dispensation de la Liberté.

Au fait DIEU définit clairement dans la Bible ce que c’est que l’Eglise et nos philosophes et économistes de tous bords feraient mieux d’étudier d’abord dans la Bible ce que c’est que l’Eglise avant de parler de l’Eglise. L’ignorance peut être guérie à condition de repentance devant DIEU, mais l’ignorance de sa propre ignorance conduit au séjour des morts.

Le présent droit de réponse a été publiquement publié sur youtube en octobre 2018 mais il semble que les illuminatis tapis dans les ténèbres ont préféré masquer ce droit de réponse pour qu’il n’apparaisse point dans l’agora mondial.

Shalom à tous les peuples de la terre.

Révérend Apôtre JOSEPH TOUBI

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28 août 2018




We are in August 2018 and it is the right time to draw sound conclusions about the huge "quantitative easing" operated repeatedly by the major central banks of the world.

Since the world economy has become financialized and concentrated in the hands of 0.01% of the world's population which is nothing else than a club of priests of darkness, there has been a general collapse of economic and political thought in the world.

Such collapse is easily characterized: no more adult is able to grasp the facts and the basic logic that a child from primary school masters easily.

Let us consider the famous "quantitative easing" of the world's major central banks. Even a kid knows that a business owner invests if he has in front of him a potential solvent demand.Yes, solvent demand and please, pay attention to this very important word: S O L V E N C Y.

Yes it is the solvency of the potential customers and not the liquidity of systemic institutions (systemic banks and systemic insurance companies) which can boost the economy and therefore, quench out economic crises.

When you want to invest in a new bakery in your neighborhood you simply ask yourself if 

there is enough potential bread seekers in the neighborhood and you also ask yourself if such 

potential bread seekers are earning enough revenue to be able to buy your bread. The fact that 

the big systemic banks have accounts filled with central bank money in the central bank's books 

(thanks to quantitative easing) does not in any way impact your decision to create a new bakery 

in the neighborhood. The fact that the systemic insurance companies have accounts filled with 

M2 money in the books of commercial banks (thanks to quantitative easing) does not intervene 

in any way in your decision to create a new bakery in the neighborhood.


Where does the solvency of citizens and businesses come from? It simply comes from the equitable 

distribution of revenues generated by previous microeconomic and macroeconomic cycles.

And what if a feudal club from darkness confiscates for itself only, all the revenues and riches as 

it is currently the case in the world? The answer is straightforward; there will be no solvency in the 

economy and a structural economic crisis will damage the whole human society until the real 

problem of fair income distribution is attacked and solved properly. The committee of twelve priests 

from darkness sitting around the table to decide the monetary policy of the FED for example prefers 

to deny the real problem; that of solvency, and it rather stifle the world economy with perfectly sterile 

liquidity which is useless in regard to the issue of economic recovery (not to mention economic 

development). This true counterfeit money will end up ruining the global economy while it was 

enough to rather tackle the real problem: the solvency of citizens and businesses that can come only 

from a fair distribution of income. In fact the neoliberal ideologues and the neo-Marxist ideologues 

who jointly form the heart of the worldwide antichrist conspiracy against GOD and who all vainly 

dream of a world-wide Lucifer government on earth, hate markets and market prices.


To understand this, let's take your shabby schlewig-holstein house that you bought twenty years ago. 

Today it is worthless because no one wants to buy it. Clearly there is no market for your old shabby 

house and its value is zero. You have definitely posted your shabby house on the loss side of your 

profit and loss book. In fact your old shabby house would even be worth a negative number if the 

taxes on it increased, so that you would even be ready to pay me a sum of money for me to accept 

becoming the owner your shabby house located in the schlewig-holstein !

So here we are in a global economy where 0.01% of the population is monopolizing wealth and 

income and as a result, we are left with 99.99% of the world's population completely impoverished. 

And since magic does not operate in political economy, the impoverishment of the 99.99% is 

automatically found in the public accounts of the world's States, whose figures of public debts and 

public deficits express the collective bankruptcy of the citizens. And instead of letting the markets 

(or more precisely the absence of markets) give the zero value to public debt securities on which the 

world financial feudal club massively invests the fruits of its thefts and plunders, the priests of 

darkness sitting in the monetary committees of the major central banks prefer to totally distort the 

prices of government securities that are worthless, by massively injecting cash created from scratch 

without economic added value (counterfeiters do not act otherwise) to buy from systemic commercial 

banks and from systemic insurances companies, their portfolios of government securities that are worth 

zero. Because of these "quantitative easing", real market prices have evaporated from the world 

economy, bringing humanity back to the era of Soviet prices administered by a new type of Supreme 

Soviet namely twelve priests of darkness sitting at the Fed's monetary committee and few priests of 

darkness sitting at the monetary committees of the ECB and the Bank of Japan. This is how neo-liberals 

avoid the question of solvency and bring us back to the Soviet era, eagerly sought by neo-Marxists, 

whereas humanity sighs after the dispensation of liberty.


Let's conclude about your old shabby house from schlewig-holstein that worth zero. Suppose that 

suddenly a central bank injects you with liquidity and buys back at an arbitrary price, your old shabby 

house and even declares that it is ready to ensure the liquidity of your old shabby house. Many citizens 

can therefore play the game of buying / reselling your old shabby house since everyone is sure to 

regain its liquidity from the central bank when needed. And what happens the day the central bank 

stops guaranteeing the liquidity of your old shabby house from schelgwig-holstein? That day, your old 

shabby house will naturally find back its true value which is zero. You understand the sudden ruin of 

the last purchaser of your old shabby house, is not it? There was no wealth creation in this casino game 

that postpones the price correction but cannot eliminate the price correction in the long run.


You will certainly protest that in addition to government bonds, the major central banks of the world 

have also bought large amounts of private bonds from "systemic players". Here again the logic of Soviet 

protection granted to the financial feudalism of darkness is simple to understand. Any significant rise in 

the level of interest rates lowers the value of private bonds in a normal market. It is this risk of loss 

coming from natural market corrections that the monetary committees of the major central banks are 

desperate to put away from systemic commercial banks and systemic insurance companies by 

administratively and politically choking the natural price level corrections on the markets. Now that the 

major central banks have bought from the feudal clubs via "quantitative easing" their stocks of private 

bonds, saving them from the natural price corrections on the markets in case of rising rates, they 

trumpets on the roofs that it is time to push to inflation. Who pays the premium of this free insurance 

policy offered to systemic banks and systemic insurance companies? It is the "rest of the economy" that 

is 99.99% of the world's population because as you surely remember, magic does not work in political 

economics. If you eat for free it means that someone is paying the bill for thee.


Is there anyhow any use for these quantitative easing? Yes they are in fact useful for one single purpose: 

they prove unquestionably that the global financial system has completely failed. In fact, every liquidator 

knows that the only way to extend the life of a bankrupt company is to provide liquidity. As long as a 

company has the liquidity to meet its short term commitments it can prolong its agony and even deceive 

partners unaware of its real state. That's why the major central banks have massively created central bank 

money for systemic banks and systemic insurance companies by buying back their worthless securities.



This world global economy devoid of market prices is a new tower of Babel that will inevitably collapse. 

All current civilizations must disappear for having put their trust in this dragon, this old serpent which 

says; "you will be as gods, knowing good and evil". This false promise has been so well accomplished that 

the present animal mankind is completely ignorant of the nature of money, ignorant of the nature of labor, 

ignorant of the nature of good, and ignorant of the nature of evil.


It’s time to meditate the Book of Daniel in the Bible.


Shalom to all the nations of the earth.



Reverend Apostle JOSEPH TOUBI


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26 août 2018






Depuis que l'économie mondiale s'est financiarisée et concentrée entre les mains de 0,01% de la population mondiale constituée de prêtres des ténèbres, l'on assiste à une régression généralisée de la pensée économique et politique dans le monde.
Cette régression se caractérise aisément: plus un seul adulte ne comprend les faits et la logique élémentaire que saisit un enfant de l'école primaire.

Prenons les fameux "quantitative easing" des grandes banques centrales du monde.
Même un gamin sait qu'un chef d'entreprise investit quand il a en face de lui une demande potentielle solvable. OUI solvable et notons bien ce mot: S O L V A B L E
Oui c'est la solvabilité des clients potentiels  et non la liquidité des acteurs systémiques qui relance l'économie.

Quand vous souhaitez investir dans une nouvelle boulangerie au quartier vous vous posez simplement la question de savoir s’il y a dans le quartier assez de demandeurs potentiels de pain et vous vous posez la question de savoir s’il gagnent assez d’argent pour s’acheter du pain. Le fait que les grandes banques systémiques aient des comptes remplis de monnaie centrale dans les livres de la banque centrale (suite au quantitative easing) n’intervient en aucune manière dans votre décision de création de nouvelle boulangerie au quartier.  
Le fait que les compagnies d’assurance systémiques aient des comptes remplis de monnaie M2 dans les livres des banques commerciales (suite au quantitative easing) n’intervient en aucune manière dans votre décision de création de nouvelle boulangerie au quartier.   

D'où vient donc la solvabilité des citoyens et des entreprises? Elle vient simplement de la répartition équitable des revenus générés par les cycles microéconomiques et macroéconomiques précédents.
Et si une féodalité confisque pour elle seule les revenus comme c'est le cas actuellement dans le monde? La réponse est immédiate;  il n'y aura plus de solvabilité dans l'économie et la crise s'établira de façon structurelle jusqu'à ce que le véritable problème de la répartition des revenus soit attaqué et résolut. Le comité de douze sacrificateurs des ténèbres qui s'assied autour de la table pour décider de la politique monétaire de la FED par exemple préfère nier le vrai problème; celui de la solvabilité, pour étouffer l'économie mondiale d'une liquidité parfaitement stérile en ce qui concerne la question de la relance économique (pour ne pas parler du développement économique).
Cette vraie fausse monnaie va finir par ruiner l'économie mondiale alors qu'il eut suffit de s'attaquer au vrai problème: la solvabilité des citoyens et des entreprises qui ne peut provenir que d'une répartition équitable des revenus.

En fait les idéologues néolibéraux et les idéologues néo marxistes qui forment le cœur de la conspiration antichrist mondiale contre DIEU et qui tous rêvent vainement d’un gouvernement mondial de Lucifer sur terre détestent les marchés et les prix du marché. 

Pour comprendre ceci, prenons votre vielle maison brinquebalante du schlewig- holstein que vous achetâtes il y a vingt ans. Aujourd'hui elle ne vaut plus rien parce que personne ne voudrait vous l'acheter. En clair il n'y a pas de marché pour votre maison brinquebalante et sa valeur est de zéro. Vous avez passé l'opération en "pertes et profits". En fait votre vielle maison brinquebalante viendrait même à valoir un chiffre négatif si les taxes y afférentes augmentaient, en sorte que vous seriez même prêts à me verser une somme d'argent pour que je devenne propriétaire de votre brinquebalante maison située dans le schlewig-holstein!
Nous voici donc dans une économie mondiale où 0,01% de la population monopolise richesses et revenus. Comme conséquence, nous nous retrouvons avec 99,99% de la population mondiale paupérisée. Et comme la magie n'existe point en économie politique, la paupérisation des 99,99% se retrouve automatiquement dans les comptes publics des Etats du monde dont les chiffres de dettes publiques et de déficits publics expriment la faillite collective des citoyens c'est-à-dire la faillite des Etats. Et au lieu de laisser les marchés (ou plus exactement l'absence des marchés) octroyer la valeur zéro aux titres de dettes publiques sur lesquels la féodalité financière mondiale investit massivement les fruits de ses rapines, les prêtres des ténèbres assis dans les comités monétaires des grandes banques centrales préfèrent distordre totalement les prix des titres publics qui ne valent rien, en injectant massivement des liquidités créées de toutes pièces sans valeur ajoutée économique ( les faux monnayeurs n'agissent pas autrement) pour racheter aux banques commerciales systémiques et aux compagnies d'assurances systémiques, leurs portefeuilles de titres publics qui valent zéro. A partir de ces « quantitave  easing » les véritables prix de marché se sont évaporés de l'économie mondiale, ramenant l'humanité à l'ère des prix soviétiques administrés par un soviet suprême de type nouveau; douze prêtres des ténèbres assis au comité monétaire de la FED et quelques prêtres des ténèbres assis aux comités monétaires de la BCE et de la Banque du Japon. Voilà comment les néolibéraux évitent la question de la solvabilité et nous ramènent dans l'ère soviétique que recherchent avidement les néo marxistes, alors que l'humanité soupire après la dispensation de la liberté.

Concluons au sujet de votre vielle maison brinquebalante du schlegwig-holstein qui valait zéro. Subitement une banque centrale vous injecte des liquidités et vous  rachète à un prix administré c’est-à-dire arbitraire, votre vielle maison et déclare même qu’elle est prête à assurer la liquidité de votre vielle maison. Voilà que nombreux citoyens peuvent donc se livrer au jeu d’achat/revente de votre vielle maison brinquebalante puisque chacun est sûr de retrouver sa liquidité auprès de la banque centrale en cas de besoin. Et le jour où la banque centrale cessera de garantir la liquidité de votre vielle maison brinquebalante du schelgwig-holstein? Elle retrouvera naturellement sa valeur réelle : zéro. Vous comprenez la ruine subite du dernier acquéreur de votre maison brinquebalante n’est-ce pas ? Il n’y avait aucune création de richesse dans ce jeu de casino qui repousse la correction des prix mais ne peut éliminer la correction des prix sur le long terme.

Vous allez certainement protester du fait qu’en sus des obligations d’Etats, les grandes banques centrales du monde ont également racheté aux « acteurs systémiques » de grandes quantités d’obligations privées. Ici encore la logique de protection soviétique de la féodalité financière des ténèbres est simple à comprendre. Toute remontée notable du niveau des taux d’intérêts abaisse la valeur des obligations privées sur un marché normal. C’est ce risque de perte que les comités monétaires des grandes banques centrales veulent à tout prix épargner aux banques commerciales systémiques et aux compagnies d’assurance systémiques en enrayant de façon administrative et politique les corrections naturelles du niveau des prix sur les marchés. Maintenant que les banques centrales ont racheté aux féodalités via « quantitative easing » leurs stocks d’obligations privées, leur épargnant les corrections naturelles des prix sur les marchés en cas de hausse des taux, elles claironnent sur les toits qu’il est temps de pousser à l’inflation. Qui finance la prime de cette police d’assurance gratuitement offerte aux prêtres des ténèbres ? C’est le « reste de l’économie » c’est-à-dire 99,99% de la population mondiale car souvenez-vous, la magie n’opère point en économie.

Y-a-t-il néanmoins une utilité pour ces quantitative easing ? Oui ils ont en fait une seule mais très grande utilité : ils prouvent incontestablement que le système financier mondial a complètement fait faillite. En effet tout liquidateur sait que la seule façon de prolonger la vie d’une entreprise en faillite, c’est de lui fournir de la liquidité. Tant qu’une entreprise a de la liquidité pour faire face à ses engagements elle peut prolonger son agonie et même tromper les partenaires peu avertis sur son état réel. C’est pour cela que les grandes banques centrales créent massivement de la monnaie centrale pour les banques systémiques et les compagnies d’assurances systémiques en rachetant leur titres qui ne valent rien (cette monnaie centrale est stockée à la banque centrale et votre vielle tante Rose n’y aura jamais accès).      

La nouvelle tour de Babel que constitue le système économique mondial dépourvu de véritables prix de marché va inéluctablement s’effondrer. Toutes les civilisations actuelles doivent disparaître pour s’être confiées à ce dragon, ce serpent ancien qui dit « vous serez comme des dieux, connaissant le bien et le mal ». Cette promesse mensongère s’est tellement bien accomplie que l’humanité animale actuelle ignore parfaitement la nature de la monnaie, la nature du travail, la nature du bien et la nature du mal.  

Il est temps de méditer le Livre de Daniel dans la Bible.


Shalom à tous les peuples de la terre.






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16 février 2018

Donald Trump an Africa - Danald Trump et l'Afrique

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06 février 2018




We are in February 2018 and from information broadcasted by media around the world, you have already understood that this expression “shithole” is from Mr. Donald Trump; it is a trademark belonging to him.

Mr. Trump once declared that he had been offered a Bible by his mother. Obviously he has never read in the Bible offered by his mother because had he done so, he would have declared that African countries are a land of Cabul that is a land without any value or a land of nothingness, instead of saying “shithole countries”. You can find this in thy own Bible in the Book of 1 Kings chapter 9 verse 12 to 13. Yes countries of Cabul actually exist here on earth and in case of necessity you can just erase such countries without even noticing that you have lost something.

Definitely, every WORD that proceeds from the mouth of GOD must be fulfilled precisely.

The WORD of GOD written in the Bible says this:

Isaiah chapter 19 verse 11

Surely the princes of Zoan are fools, the counsel of the wise counselors of pharaoh is become brutish: how say ye unto Pharaoh, I am the son of the wise, the son of ancient kings?

Isaiah chapter 19 verse 13

 The princes of Zoan are become fools, the princes of Noph are deceived; they have also seduced Egypt, even they that are the stay of the tribes thereof.


Yes, the so-called head of states we have here in Africa are authentic fools and below is the most recent proof of this.

Donald Trump declares that African countries are « shithole countries » meaning that our African countries are nothingness and their disappearance from the face of the earth won’t even be noticed. A Head of State which is a Man of GOD and not an illuminatis would have rather declared that African countries are a land of Cabul.

And behold, our so-called African head of states, who are in fact mere vulgar tribal chiefs, each using his own native tribe as an instrument to destroy his entire country, agitate and charge their diplomats to invite Mr. Trump to come and give explanations to the African Union at Addis Ababa on the expression “shithole”.

These are real crazy and insane kids.
 How would adults react to "shithole countries" coming out of Trump's mouth?

It is quite simple.

I look for a serious subject that Donald Trump masters and which is of an utmost importance to my continent. This subject is 
all found; solar energy. Donald Trump has been working on this subject thoroughly in record time and if you doubt it, ask the
Central Committee of the Chinese communist party.
Since Donald Trump who hates renewable energies has almost become a specialist in solar energy I conclude that here is finally 
a western head of state which interests me. I therefore invite him to the African Union in order to conclude with me a strategic
plan for solar energy production all over my continent.
To prepare this meeting, I forward to Donald Trump in advance a detailed partnership file explaining how Africa and United States 
could partner to implement the production of solar energy all over Africa.
But how to build such a partnership strategic plan which I will submit to Donald Trump before his arrival at the African Union? It 
is here that one billion Africans must cautiously listen in order to clearly understand the real nature of the so-called new world
order which antichrist illuminatis are vainly trying to implement.
Such a plan already exists and it has already been carefully designed and implemented by a certain Barack Obama, in favor of India! 
Yes you have well understood and please do not faint!


Yes Barack Obama designed and implemented an intelligent partnership with India, which in less than eight years, skyrocketed India at the rank of global leader in renewable energies and mainly in solar energy.

Yes the African American did it for India (and we are happy about that), but not for his native Africa! This is a sound way of saying 
with actions that the whole African continent is a "shithole" without uttering a single word!
Let's detail a little more.


Upon arrival at the White House, Barack Obama launched the famous Partnership to Advance Clean Energy with India; which partnership is named in short “PACE”.

A joint Research & Development Initiative bringing together scientists and industry from both countries to work together on solar energy, on building energy efficiency and on biofuels, reunited the two countries as partners in innovation and this propelled India to the global leadership it has today in solar energy and in other renewable energies.

Within the framework of this Partnership to Advance Clean Energy (PACE), United States under Barack Obama brought to India a Technical Assistance Program which dramatically accelerated the deployment of clean energy in India via Policy Support, Capacity Building, Pilot Projects, Innovative Financing and Industrial Partnerships.

Of course, the detail of this Partnership to Advance Clean Energy (PACE) is available on internet and even the most silly African head of state can find it just at a computer button click.

So you just study the whole PACE which the African American Barack Obama implemented for India, you adapt it to your African environment and you put it on Donald Trump’s table and propose that he should sign with the African continent at the African Union a PACE for Africa because his predecessor the African American did so but for India and forgot to do the same for his home town.

Is not this a more mature and intelligent answer to “shithole countries” springing from Trump’s mouth?

The reality is that we have here in Africa not only “shithole countries” but also “shithole foolish heads of states” who cannot make a single research, cannot read a book, know nothing about strategy and systems, are drowned in tribalism and are completely childish and silly.

Yes Trump has finally sent a small letter to express how he highly respects Africans. And so what?

Is this small letter a Partnership to Advance Clean Energy? It is not at all a Partnership to Advance Clean Energy.

Actually you cannot really respect silly people who instead of putting serious proposals of strategic partnership upon thy table, spend time sending diplomats to you begging you to respect them.

As you can easily imagine, Donald Trump is secretly laughing at those childish guys in his room just after sending them a word to flatter their gigantic childish ego.

Did you say flesh without spirit?

This is my advice to Mr. Donald Trump. The next time African heads of states beg you to write apologies to them, tell them this:

“please go and dance in thy African shithole countries with thy fellow who spent eight years here in the White House without concluding any serious development partnership with you. After all, I am European American and not African American”.

Such an answer may seriously help Africans, especially the Blacks, to rediscover again what is a civilization.

Yes in my Bible, GOD says African is a Black even concerning the Black lady whom Solomon married as revealed in the Song of Solomon.

These Blacks built a brilliant civilization in Egypt, then went back to Nimrod’s cursed ambition to crown Satan king over the earth and harvested from this, serious judgments proclaimed by GOD in the Books of Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel.

 You just have to see three snakes on pharaoh’s forehead to understand that the guy’s ambition was to put the whole world under the number 666.

The solution to the judgments proclaimed by GOD against Mizraïm, Cush and Phus?

Refer to audio programs entitled “Black Africa’s Destiny” and which are available for free on internet. You can also download for free the book “Black Africa’s Destiny” and get the solution therein and then share the Good News with one billion Africans.

Isaiah chapter 19 verse 13

 The princes of Zoan are become fools, the princes of Noph are deceived; they have also seduced Egypt, even they that are the stay of the tribes thereof.

Shalom to all the nations of the earth

Rev. Apostle JOSEPH TOUBI.

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13 mai 2017

The collapse of China


The collapse of China.


We are in May 2017 and for several decades, unlikely oracles, philosophers, economists, politicians gathered together with so-called "strategists" in the worldwide neoliberal choir, have been constantly singing the same refrain: China is the new world power and has become the new engine of the world economy.

Let us examine the inside of the engine that is the object of the praises of the global neoliberal choir.

No sooner have you looked inside the so-called "engine" of the world economy that four disquieting shortcomings proper to damage all the self-confidence of the Central Committee of the Communist Party are revealed in the light of the day.


Shortcoming N°1: Severe ontological failure.
At the source of the birth and the real prosperity of a people or a nation are two important imperatives: the resolution of 
the question of good and evil on the one hand and then the birth of the individual on the other hand.
Put into contact with the new foundations laid down by the Apostle Paul, the West categorically rejected the resolution 
of the question of good and evil, even to extend of qualifying such rejection as a condition of access to "progress" and
thereby signed its inescapable death. Nevertheless, the West discovered and embraced the birth of the individual, the
heart of Christianity preached by the Apostle Paul; thus temporarily taking a decisive lead over the other peoples who
strove to place the community or the party or some institution at the helm of the world, whereas only the individual acts
on behalf of GOD as the originator of history and community.
What do we observe in China?
Like the West, China has not at all addressed the resolution of the question of good and evil. In addition to this tragic 
mistake already made by the West, China literally stood up against the birth of the individual and against the position
of the individual at the command of history.
Ontologically, such a civilization has a precise destiny: collapse.
The only way out for this country is to discover a "new DENG XIAOPING" who will understand that it is necessary to 
solve the question of good and evil and to put the newborn individual at the helm of history and community.


Shortcoming N°2: China's current revelation in Africa.

Currently (May 2017), the whole world knows that the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party has a serious

Structural problem that has brooded for several years: overcapacity of industrial production.

The dismantling of many factories and power plants is on the agenda in China and this dismantling is very expensive for 
China because it must be funded! You would have expected that in the name of an alleged "friendship" between peoples,
the Central Committee of the Communist Party would launch a vast program of industrialization of the "brother peoples"
of Africa against extraction of African raw materials, all this within the intelligent framework of what is called in corporate
finance Economic Interest Group (EIG). Nothing as such has been envisaged. Today's China is practicing barter with African
countries. It is the extraction of minerals against the construction (by the Chinese engineers of course) of few roads and
monuments; all this seasoned with land grabbing. Of course, we are talking about masonic monuments because the tropical
Black freemason installed as a slave at the base of the world pyramid of Satan simply does not know how to build masonic
monuments and joyfully entrust the works to the Chinese “brothers” of darkness.
In politics, only acts speak and tell clearly the intentions and profound natures. China-Africa summits are multiplying "plans" 
that promise to flood the African continent with billions of USD. In fact, the Chinese leaders have grasped the childish nature
of our so-called heads of states for who the history sums up to a few billions of USD promises and a few family photos flaunted
in the world's media.
No China-Africa summit has published a plan "factories against minerals within the intelligent framework of Economic Interest 
Group" listing the plants that China wants to get rid of by relocation in Africa, given its overcapacity, in exchange for minerals
extracted from Africa and used in factories belonging to both China and African countries. In the defense of the Chinese leaders,
it must be said that when you face barmy African heads of states who have no spirit within themselves, have no capacity to think
and structure history, you have but only one choice remaining: benevolent paternalism and soft imperialism in order to flatter the
gigantic childish ego of the tropical slave whose horizon of thought is limited to the motorcyclists' procession, the screaming
sirens and the support letters and folk dances of the village tribe.


China's bartering strategy in Africa has already proved elsewhere its particularly dangerous and catastrophic character, but as 
our initiates of darkness that govern our African countries are perfect slaves to their great masters of the masonic lodges, they
lack any capacity of research and thought. Yet it is not necessary to search for a long time before understanding the particularly
dangerous and iniquitous nature of the barter practiced by China with the "brother" countries. Our insane heads of African
states would simply have examined the case of Venezuela that they would have understood the urgency to conceive at the level
of the African Union a complete revamping of the cooperation strategy with China, notifying China the option of a closure of the
doors of Africa in case China would reject such a complete revamping.


What happened in Venezuela? There took place an event that is now a real shame for South-South cooperation. During the years 
of the agitator Hugo Chavez, a turbulent tribune fed upon the socialist vulgate and devoid of any strategy, Venezuela sealed an
insane “oil versus Chinese built infrastructures” contract with China. What has happened at the first oil shock? Millions of
Venezuelans waiting for long hours in front of shops for a cup of rice, a piece of toilet paper or a soap. This is the final outcome
of many years of barter between Hugo Chavez and Hu Jintao. Bartering with China, therefore, has not provided any basis for real
economic take off in Venezuela and yet it is exactly the same type of barter that our wacky African dictators have sealed with
China, adding land grabbing as an aggravating innovation.


The Venezuelan case is a warning to all the peoples of the Third World: The current China is by no means a development partner 
for other Third World peoples and if you dream about using China as a development partner, then you must absolutely start by
a mutual agreement on the cooperation strategy.




Shortcoming N°3: Monetary dwarf.
Contrary to what is suggested by the huge foreign exchange reserves accumulated in USD, China is a monetary dwarf.
This country has obviously engaged no valid thinking exercise on the nature of money; which is not surprising because it is an 
ontological shortcoming. Only a people who have discovered the individual is capable of posing the problem of money’s nature
and seeking for real money. China has contented itself with copying from the West and developing the credit-money
(or negative money) which comes into the world only through debt.
Outcome of this? The country is literally strangled by debts and has already mortgaged its future by debt before even completing 
its erection. Government debt exceeds 200% of GDP, while private debt (nearly 145% of GDP) and part government-owned debt
are of such poor quality that the collapse of the Chinese banking system is guaranteed. Even the IMF, which is usually so quick
to strike up neo-liberal praises, is cautious and whispers that the level of compromised claims of the Chinese banking system is
very well above the already worrying figures that the Central Bank of China dares to publish. Recently, the Central Bank of China
even invented a new magic trick that we will gladly call red magic: commercial banks transform their rotten claims into shares in
debtor companies and behold the structural adjustment of the whole economy is avoided!


In fact, China does not master money and has never thought about it. Once more; only a people who have discovered the 
individual is capable of thinking on money’s nature.
Since magic is ineffective in economics, China must restore the bad money which has massively financed its economic take-off 
and this restitution can only be done by the budget of the Chinese State. But you have seen that public debt already exceeds
200% of GDP. In order to finance the Himalayan stock of bad bank credits (bad money), all that remains is the cut in public
spending, the increase of taxes, unemployment of entire portions of the population ... Yes you have well recognized this old
friend named structural adjustment and this is what awaits China. Paradoxically, the Central Committee of the Communist Party
even envisages a growth rate "around" 6.5% for 2017, ignoring completely the bad money that must necessary be financed. You
are stupefied, but it is so; Bad money must be financed by severe structural adjustment because there is no magic in economics.


You may think that China's huge foreign exchange reserves could help. This is where you find out that foreign exchange reserves 
serve only one purpose: buying out of your country! And this is how China massively buys US Treasury bonds with its foreign
exchange reserves. It cannot use its foreign exchange reserves posted in USD at banks in New York to finance its huge inventories
of bad bank credits. Did you say monetary dwarf?


Shortcoming N°4: Ignorance of systems’ science.
Since Norbert WIENER, the West has mastered the science of material systems before engulfing then into a mortal error. For 
having rejected the Judeo Christian foundations laid down by the Apostle Paul, the West has devoted itself to a mortal
extrapolation: using the axiomatic of material systems to try building and shaping human systems! Unable to grasp the perfectly
quantum foundations of human history that completely defy the logic of natural reasoning, the West who rejected the Judeo
Christian foundations of the Apostle Paul runs irresistibly to its collapse. One might have thought that China would examine this
tragedy that engulfed the West in order to avoid suffering the same fate. Yet a particularly worrying indicator shows that in fact
China has not even perceived the usefulness of the science of material systems, and is thousands of light years away from
suspecting the existence of a science of human systems.
This is not surprising because to discover the science of material systems (even before suspecting the existence of the science 
of human systems), China must get rid of another ontological flaw: the search for harmony. Let us return to the worrying indicator
mentioned above.
Consider the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).
Since 2009, the BRICS summits have been taking place and now, the BRICS roughly represent one-third of the world's GDP. One 
would have expected that, of course, the BRICS would implement a system to quickly dethrone the supremacy of the US dollar
on the world economy. In fact, the design of such a system is not very difficult and its implementation would allow the five
currencies of the five BRICS countries to establish themselves as reserve currencies for international trade. Many countries of
the world, tired of running after the US dollar, would prioritize their international trade with the BRICS countries and would easily
use the five currencies of the five BRICS countries as currencies of international reserves and exchanges. Gradually, the BRICS
world monetary platform with its supply of five reserve currencies would supplant the US dollar. Such a well-designed platform
with the five central banks of the BRICS as liquidity providers on the central platform would free the entire world economy from
the FED, from the major systemic commercial banks headquartered in New York, Frankfurt, London, Geneva and this in less than
a decade. Who should take the leadership of BRICS to offer such a BRICS monetary platform to the global economy? China, of
course, because it is the biggest economic power of the BRICS. But to address this type of revolutionary solution for the world
economy, one must discover and master the ... science of systems; a prerequisite which is an insurmountable mountain for China
which ontologically rather seeks ... harmony.
Even if such a BRICS platform would come to birth, this would be just a temporary solution aiming at freeing the global economy 
from a single currency tyranny. The real solution would come at the second stage: getting rid of credit-money which is a negative
money and stepping into the era of positive money. But is not this too high and complex for a society which is yet to discover the
New Born individual? 
There is a deadly need for a "new DENG XIOPING" able to introduce China into the real revolution: that of the New Born 
individual, the diversity and complexity.
By postponing its structural adjustment and its ontological revolution, China is preparing its collapse as well as the complete 
annihilation of the world economy.
We hope that as a result of this cataclysm, civilizations all over the earth will return to the fundamentals and finally address the 
resolution of the question of good and evil, the Birth of the New individual who is the father of community, institutions and
history, the question of positive money and the nature of labor.
Shalom to all the peoples of the earth.
Reverend Apostle Joseph TOUBI

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L’effondrement de la Chine



L’effondrement de la Chine.


Nous sommes en mai 2017 et depuis plusieurs décennies, d’improbables oracles philosophes, économistes, politiques rassemblés avec de prétendus « stratèges » au sein de la chorale néolibérale mondiale nous chantent sans cesse le même refrain: la Chine est la nouvelle puissance mondiale et est devenue le nouveau moteur de l’économie mondiale.

Examinons donc l’intérieur du moteur objet des louanges de la chorale néolibérale mondiale.

A peine avez-vous regardé à l’intérieur du prétendu « moteur » de l’économie mondiale que quatre inquiétantes avaries propres à ôter tout sommeil au comité central du parti communiste se révèlent au grand jour.

Avarie N°1 : Grave défaillance ontologique.

A la source de la naissance et de la prospérité véritable d’un peuple ou d’une nation se trouvent deux importants impératifs : la résolution de la question du bien et du mal d’une part et ensuite, la naissance de l’individu d’autre part.

Au contact des fondations nouvelles posées par l’Apôtre Paul, l’Occident rejeta catégoriquement la résolution de la question du bien et du mal, érigeant même ce rejet comme condition d’accès au « progrès » et signant ainsi sa mort inéluctable. Néanmoins, l’Occident découvrit et embrassa la naissance de l’individu, cœur du Christianisme prêché par l’Apôtre Paul; prenant ainsi provisoirement une avance décisive sur les autres peuples qui s’acharnaient à placer la communauté ou le parti ou quelque institution aux commandes du monde alors que seul l’individu agit pour le compte de DIEU, comme géniteur de l’histoire et de la communauté.

Qu’observons-nous en Chine ?

Tout comme l’Occident, la Chine n’a nullement abordé la résolution de la question du bien et du mal. En sus de cette tragique erreur déjà commise par l’Occident, la Chine s’est littéralement dressée contre la naissance de l’individu et contre le positionnement de l’individu aux commandes de l’histoire.

De façon ontologique, une telle civilisation a un destin précis : l’effondrement.

Seule issue pour ce pays : se découvrir un « nouveau DENG XIAOPING » qui comprendra qu’il faut résoudre la question du bien et du mal et mettre l’individu nouveau-né aux commandes de l’histoire et de la communauté.





Avarie N°2 : Révélation de la Chine actuelle en Afrique.

Actuellement (mai 2017), le monde entier sait que le comité central du parti communiste chinois a un grave problème structurel qui couve depuis plusieurs années : surcapacité de production industrielle.

Le démantèlement de nombreuses usines et centrales électriques est à l’ordre du jour en Chine et ce démantèlement coûte très cher à la Chine parce qu’il faut bien le financer ! Vous vous seriez attendu qu’au nom d’une prétendue « amitié » entre peuples, le comité central du parti communiste lance un vaste programme d’industrialisation des « peuples frères » d’Afrique contre extraction des matières premières africaines (en finance d’entreprise on parle de Groupement d’Intérêt Economique ou GIE). Il n’en est absolument rien. La Chine d’aujourd’hui pratique à outrance le troc (et non le GIE) avec les pays africains. C’est l’extraction des minerais contre la construction (par les ingénieurs chinois bien sûr) de quelques routes et monuments assaisonnée de « land grabbing ». Il s’agit bien entendu de monuments maçonniques car le franc maçon tropical installé comme esclave à la base de la pyramide mondiale de Satan ne sait tout simplement pas bâtir les monuments maçonniques et en confie joyeusement les travaux aux fraters chinois. En politique, seuls les actes parlent et racontent clairement les intentions et natures profondes. Les sommets Chine-Afrique se multiplient avec des « plans » qui promettent d’inonder le continent africain sous des milliards de USD. En fait, les Chinois ont saisi la nature enfantine de nos prétendus chefs d’Etats pour qui l’histoire se résume à quelques promesses de milliards de USD et à quelques photos de famille assaisonnées d’annonces dans les médias du monde. Aucun sommet Chine-Afrique n’a publié un plan « usines contre minerais au sein de GIE» listant les usines dont la Chine souhaite se débarrasser via délocalisation en Afrique, compte tenu de ses surcapacités, en échange de minerais extraits d’Afrique mais utilisés dans le cadre de GIE. A la décharge des chinois, il faut dire que face à des loufoques chefs d’Etat africains qui n’ont aucun esprit en eux-mêmes, n’ont aucune capacité de penser et de structurer l’histoire, vous n’avez qu’un seul choix : paternalisme bienveillant et impérialisme en douceur pour contenter l’ego de l’esclave tropical dont l’horizon de pensée se limite aux cortèges de motards et de sirènes hurlantes et aux motions de soutien de la tribu du village.   

La stratégie de troc que la Chine met en œuvre en Afrique a déjà prouvé son caractère particulièrement dangereux et catastrophique mais comme nos initiés des ténèbres qui gouvernent nos pays africains sont de parfaits esclaves de leurs grands maîtres des loges maçonniques, ils sont dépourvus de toute capacité de recherche et de pensée. Pourtant il ne faut pas chercher bien longtemps pour comprendre le caractère particulièrement dangereux et inique du troc que pratique la Chine avec les pays « frères ». Nos chefs d’Etats insensés auraient simplement regardé du côté du Venezuela qu’ils auraient compris l’urgence de concevoir au niveau de l’Union Africaine un complet renouveau de la stratégie de coopération avec la Chine, en notifiant à la Chine l’option d’une fermeture des portes du continent noir en cas de rejet de ce nécessaire renouveau.

Que s’est-il passé au Venezuela ? Il s’est passé un événement qui représente une véritable honte pour la coopération Sud-Sud. Pendant les années de l’agitateur Hugo Chavez, tribun turbulent nourrit à la vulgate socialiste et dépourvu de toute stratégie, le Venezuela scella un pacte inique « pétrole contre infrastructures construites par les Chinois ». Que voit-on au premier choc pétrolier venu ? De longues files de millions de Vénézuéliens qui attendent des heures devant des magasins pour avoir un peu de riz, de papier hygiénique ou de savon. Voilà le bilan de longues années de troc entre Hugo Chavez et Hu Jintao. Le troc avec la Chine n’a donc apporté aucune base de développement véritable au Venezuela et pourtant c’est exactement le même type de troc que nos loufoques dictateurs des tropiques ont scellé avec la Chine, en y ajoutant comme nouveauté aggravante, le land grabbing.   

Le cas Vénézuélien est un avertissement à tous les peuples du tiers monde : la Chine actuelle n’est en rien un ressort de décollage économique pour d’autres peuples du tiers monde et toute coopération avec la Chine nécessite un accord préalable sur la stratégie.



Avarie N°3 : Nain monétaire.

Contrairement à ce que suggèrent les énormes réserves de change accumulées en USD, la Chine est un nain monétaire.

Ce pays n’a manifestement engagé aucune réflexion valable sur la nature de la monnaie ; ce qui n’est point surprenant car il s’agit d’une tare ontologique. Seul un peuple qui a découvert l’individu est capable de poser véritablement la problématique de la monnaie et de rechercher la véritable monnaie. La Chine s’est contentée de copier chez l’Occident et de développer la monnaie-crédit qui ne vient au monde que par la dette.

Résultat : le pays est littéralement étouffé de dettes et a déjà hypothéqué son avenir par la dette avant même d’avoir achevé son érection. La dette publique dépasse 200% du PIB tandis que la dette privée (près de 145 % du PIB) et la dette parapublique sont de si mauvaise qualité que l’effondrement du système bancaire chinois est garanti. Même le FMI d’ordinaire si prompt à entonner des louanges néolibérales se montre circonspect et susurre à voix basse que le taux de créances compromises du système bancaire chinois est bien au-dessus des chiffres déjà inquiétants que la Banque Centrale de Chine ose publier. Récemment, la Banque Centrale de Chine a même inventé un nouveau tour de magie que nous appellerons volontiers la magie rouge : les banques commerciales transforment leurs créances pourries en actions dans les entreprises débitrices et voilà la restructuration évitée !

En réalité, la Chine ne maîtrise point la monnaie et n’y a jamais réfléchit. Or nous le répétons, seul un peuple ayant découvert l’individu est capable de réfléchir à la monnaie.

La magie étant inopérante en économie, la Chine doit bien restituer la mauvaise monnaie qui a massivement financé son décollage économique et cette restitution ne peut se faire que par le budget de l’Etat Chinois. Or vous avez vu que la dette publique dépasse déjà 200% du PIB. Pour financer le stock himalayen de mauvais crédits bancaires (mauvaise monnaie) il ne reste donc plus que les réductions des dépenses publiques, les hausses d’impôts, les mises au chômage de pans entiers de la population…Oui vous avez reconnu cet ami qui s’appelle ajustement structurel et c’est ce qui attend la Chine. Paradoxalement, le comité central du parti communiste envisage même un taux de croissance « autour » de 6,5% pour 2017 en faisant fi de la mauvaise monnaie qu’il va bien falloir financer. Vous voilà stupéfaits mais c’est ainsi ; la mauvaise monnaie doit être financée par de sévères restructurations.

Vous pensez peut-être que les énormes réserves de change de la Chine pourraient aider. C’est ici que vous découvrez que les réserves de change ne servent qu’à une chose : acheter hors de votre pays ! Et c’est ainsi que la Chine achète massivement les obligations du Trésor Américain avec ses réserves de change. Elle ne peut pas financer ses énormes stocks de mauvais crédits bancaires à l’aide de ses réserves de change postées en USD dans des banques à New-York. Vous avez dit nain monétaire ?


Avarie N°4 : Ignorance de la science des systèmes.

Depuis Norbert WIENER, l’occident a maîtrisé la science des systèmes matériels avant de s’engouffrer ensuite dans un mortel égarement. Pour avoir rejeté les fondations Judéo Chrétiennes posées par l’Apôtre Paul, l’occident s’est adonné à une mortelle extrapolation : utiliser l’axiomatique des systèmes matériels pour prétendre bâtir des systèmes humains! Incapable de saisir les fondements parfaitement quantiques de l’histoire humaine qui défient complètement la logique du raisonnement naturel, l’occident qui a rejeté les fondations Judéo Chrétiennes de l’Apôtre Paul court irrésistiblement à son effondrement. L’on aurait pu penser que la Chine examinerait ce drame qui engloutit l’occident afin d’éviter de subir le même sort. Or un indice particulièrement inquiétant montre qu’en fait la Chine n’a même pas perçu l’utilité de la science des systèmes matériels et se trouve à des milliers d’années lumière de soupçonner l’existence d’une science des systèmes humains. Ceci est peu surprenant car pour découvrir la science des systèmes matériels (avant même de soupçonner l’existence de la science des systèmes humains), la Chine doit se débarrasser d’une autre tare ontologique : la recherche de l’harmonie. Revenons à l’indice inquiétant évoqué ci-dessus.

Considérons les BRICS (Brésil, Russie, Inde, Chine, Afrique du Sud).

Depuis 2009 se succèdent les sommets des BRICS qui représentent tout de même un tiers du PIB mondial. On se serait attendu à ce que naturellement, les BRICS mettent en œuvre un système permettant de vite détrôner la suprématie du dollar américain sur l’économie mondiale. En réalité, la conception d’un tel système n’est pas bien difficile et son instauration permettrait aux cinq monnaies des cinq pays du BRICS de s’établir comme monnaies de réserve pour les échanges internationaux. Nombreux sont les pays de la planète qui, fatigués de courir après le dollar américain orienteraient en priorité leur commerce international vers les pays du BRICS et utiliseraient aisément les cinq monnaies des cinq pays du BRICS comme monnaies de réserves et d’échanges internationaux. Peu à peu, la plate forme monétaire mondiale du BRICS avec son offre de cinq monnaies de réserve supplanterait le dollar américain. Une telle plate forme, bien conçue, avec les cinq banques centrales des BRICS dans le rôle de pourvoyeurs de liquidités à la plate forme centrale, affranchirait la totalité de l’économie mondiale de la FED et des grandes banques commerciales, privées et systémiques de New-York, de Londres, de Frankfurt et de Genève en moins d’une décennie. Qui devrait prendre le leadership des BRICS pour proposer une telle plate forme aux pays du BRICS ? La Chine naturellement car c’est la plus grande puissance économique du BRICS. Or pour aborder ce type de solution révolutionnaire pour l’économie mondiale, il faut découvrir et maîtriser la…science des systèmes ; ce qui est une montagne insurmontable pour la Chine qui ontologiquement recherche plutôt…l’harmonie. Vivement un « nouveau DENG XIOPING » qui introduise la Chine dans la vraie révolution : celle de l’individu Nouveau Né, de la diversité, de la différence et de la complexité.        



A force de repousser son ajustement structurel et sa révolution ontologique, la Chine prépare son effondrement ainsi que l’anéantissement complet de l’économie mondiale.

Nous espérons que suite à ce cataclysme les civilisations reviendront aux fondamentaux et aborderont enfin : la résolution de la question du bien et du mal, la naissance de l’individu nouveau qui est père de la communauté, des institutions et de l’histoire, la question de la vraie monnaie, la nature du travail.


Shalom à tous les peuples de la terre.


Rev. Apôtre Joseph TOUBI





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22 janvier 2017





Obviously OBAMA has been not one of the worst but the ultimate worst president that America has ever had.

Doubt it? Let us consider one fact and this will suffice to convince thee.


You have surely understood that we are talking about this foolish “Affordable Care Act” nicknamed “Obama care”.

Since many centuries, strategists and economists know that you never apply tactical solutions to structural strategic problems. The best example: just open thy Bible and thou will discover therein that GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has designed a plan spanning over millenaries and universe to solve a single problem named  Lucifer which is Satan. This is why Men and Women of GOD systematically work within visions spanning over centuries and space.

So what is the structural problem in America? Everybody knows it: the country is built upon Indian Americans’ blood (genocide) and upon African Americans’ blood (centuries of slavery and genocide). The Bible says that human blood shed illegally cries for revenge through millenaries, meaning that every country or nation built upon human blood is cursed and doomed to final destruction. This is what president Donald TRUMP who claims to have been offered a Bible by his mom must know and acknowledge.

So how to solve this America’s structural problem? Here again, economists have the answer since a century. If you have a human group which is lagging behind, the best way to foster and push its emergence is education.

Given the genocide and the slavery heritage, Indian Americans and African Americans have been lagging behind for centuries now. If you want to have them emerge and bring an authentic spiritual reconciliation in the country then you educate for free an entire generation of them. So you do not implement this foolishness of “Affordable Care Act” but you set up a “Redemptive Education Fund”. Redemptive for who? For thy country whose foundations are cursed because despite the “prayers” and “blessings” from false masonic and rosicrusian “pastors” the human blood upon which thy country is built is cursing the very foundations of thy country.

Then you set up a management committee made of Indian Americans and African Americans specialists who will manage under government control this “Redemptive Education Fund” (REF) and use its financial resources to finance the education of an entire generation of Indian Americans and African Americans.

Is not it obvious that a poor lagging behind since centuries will still go back to health care insurance the next week because he will still have some sickness? Is not it obvious that a well educated person will become a valuable asset in the society and will even have means to care about the next generations without the Federal or local State having to intervene? And guess what? Dozens of prisons will be emptied for lack of pensioners, crime frequency will collapse, VAT payers will increase, all this rebalancing the Federal budget in the long term. Why was it so difficult for the Hollywood style African American to understand this? What do people learn in Harvard? Intensive Bible studies are needed now in Harvarduniversity.

Do you need an example of redemptive action? Just ask the Germans. Modern Germany has paid after World War II a quite heavy redemptive price (yes material and financial redemptive price) to Jews for the Nazi’s crimes against the Jews but may be the constitutional law professor from Harvard has never studied this to understand the move of the world. The man is just spiritless. Can the spiritless African American cure his country during eight years by doing for Indian Americans and African Americans exactly what Germany did for the Jews after World War II? No he can’t, no he can’t. When he dances singing “hope”, “yes we can” he is just executing folk dances which African Africans use to refer at as “culture”. True culture which is one’s specific vision of the world coming from one’s ontological nature is unknown to African Africans, African Americans, African Asians and so forth because they have not concentrated on reviving their own spirit.

At this juncture, you may be crying that it would have been quite difficult to find funding for such Redemptive Education Fund.

Contrary to what you think, there are many funding solutions for such a Fund and as a matter of example we are going to share few solutions with thee.


The FED is not « owned » by anyone as it is clearly written by FED in its web site.

Is not this a very bright example of transparency and total democracy which should be spread and shared all over the world? So the Constitutional law professor from Harvard spent eight years in the White House with a FED which is not owned by anyone.

Let us continue to read in the interesting FED’s web site.

“In fact, the Reserve Banks are required by law to transfer net earnings to the US Treasury, after providing for all necessary expenses of the Reserve Banks, legally required dividends payments, and maintaining a limited balance in a surplus fund”

Read for thyself and get it: Guys transferring net income to US Treasury, but after withholding for themselves “necessary expenses” and “legally required dividends payments”

What is the level of this “legally required dividend”? The FED’s web site is silent on this but may be it is our fault because we did not search very well all the hidden rooms of this web site. We will check this again very well and even seize this opportunity to verify were has gone the revenue generated by the massive Quantitative Easing (Q.E).

In the web site we have found information according to which private banks holds 100% of FED’s shares and are entitled to a guaranteed 6% annual dividend on their shares. But we have not been able to find any official confirmation of this information and we will just consider this as a hypothesis for the “legally required dividend”.

So to conclude on how to Fund thy Redemptive Education Fund (REF), you just act as a sound constitutional law professor from Harvard. You push for a law pouring into thy REF every year, 6% of all the interest generated to FED by the public debt held by FED. Let us see what thy Redemptive Education Fund would have received during eight years spent by the African American in the White House. The current level (January 2017) of US total public debt is 19 573 billions USD. Out of this total, an amount of 2 460 billions USD is held by the FED (which belongs to nobody as you remember). The average interest rate yielded by US total public debt was 2.232% by December 2016 and 2.331 % by December 2015. Let us assume that all trough the eight years spent by the spiritless African American in the White House, the public debt generated annually a mere 2% per year. This means that during those eight years the public debt held by FED has yieldedfor FED’s pockets roughly 393.6 billions USD interests.

So if the spiritless African American had pushed for a law assigning 6% of 393.6 billion USD to a Redemptive Education Fund, Indian Americans and African Americans would have received for free 23.6 billion USD dedicated to an entire generation’s education.This would have been a true way for an entire nation built upon two races’ blood to say “We apologize”. Seeing such act of repentance GOD the Lord JESUS CHRIST would have reconsidered his Holy Position towards the United States ( In the Bible, trusting in GOD as written on US bank notes means acting in a godly manner and not writing empty statements on banks notes).

Yes you will surely complain that the principal amount of public debt actually held by FED was not stable during the past eight years and we agree on this. Figures for precise computation are available but let us just do some rough estimates and even accept that if he had acted intelligently the African American would have gathered some pretty 17 billion USD to finance free education of an entire generation of Indian Americans and African Americans.




During the year 2016, 1 473 700 blocks of transactions were traded on the New York stock exchange for a total of 2 731 billions USD; meaning that the average amount of each block was 1 853 000 USD.

So you just apply a laughable flat tax of 1 000 USD on each block (representing less than 0.055 % of the value of a block) and just for the year 2016 you collect 1.47 billions USD to fund thy Redemptive Education Fund. If the African American had so done during eight years, he would have gathered an additional amount of roughly 11.8 billions USD to fund the Redemptive Education Fund for Indian Americans and African Americans.

Of course you may say that the number of blocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange varies from a year to another and you will be right saying so. But we are just making here rough estimates to give thee an idea of what the spiritless African American would have done to cure his own nation, had he had some spirit and vision within himself.



During 2015, US airlines and foreign airlines serving the US (both domestic and international) carried an all-time high 895.5 millions passengers.

So you tax each passenger just 1 (one) USD and that is it: 895.5 millions USD collected per year to fund thy Redemptive Education Fund that is a total of 6.3 billions USD for the eight years spent by the spiritless African American in the White House.

Again you may argue that the number of passengers varies from year to year and we do agree. We are just making rough estimates to enlighten what the African American could have done to cure his nation by solving the structural problem of Indian Americans and African Americans.



Remember that Barak OBAMA himself is said to have received a lot of gifts made by millions of Americans of all races (and mainly the Whites) through crow funding during his first presidential campaign. If you explain to the American citizens that thy nation is built upon Indian and African blood and tell them that thy country must apologize buy actually educating for free a whole generation of these minorities and if you tell them that this will spiritually cure and reconcile thy nation, then millions of American citizens will freely and joyfully make gifts to thy Redemptive Education Funds.

The amount you may gather under this chapter will not be far from what Barak OBAMA received as gifts from ordinary American citizens during his first presidential campaign.

As a matter of fact, remember that even the American State itself use to receive gifts from citizens willing to lower the level of public debt. If you doubt this then put the question to the US State Treasury.


In conclusion, you see that without a lot of home work and without digging really we have provided thee with four solutions which would have brought more than 41.7 billions USD to fund the Redemptive Education Fund and used to educate for free an entire generation of Indian Americans and African Americans; curing once for all by so doing America from its cursed bloody foundations.Be assured that had we really searched that we would have easily come up with some pretty 200 billions USD funding. But the spiritless African American was there to play a kind of Hollywood movie and not to revolutionize his nation. Suck lack of spirit is common to African Africans and to all African Diasporas across the world.Where does this lack of spirit come from? Kindly download for free from daily motion and youtube, audio programs entitled “Where is the African spirit?” and “Black Africa’s Destiny”. You will get a clear and detailed answer in these audio programs.

So Barak OBAMA has been useful for one single thing: showing to African Americans, African Africans and African Asians that they must now put to themselves the only relevant question which may help them to revive: where has gone our own spirit coming from our ontological nature?

To help the fellow from Harvard, let us say that now that he is where he ought to have been since eight years that is out of the White House, he can learn to acquire an authentic spirit coming from his ontological African nature by doing two good things:

Studying his Bible and praying to the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who said this in Psalm chapter 68 verse 31

Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto GOD.

After reading his Bible and praying to the Lord JESUS CHRIST, he can then concentrate on working with foolish African heads of States to implement thousands of crow funding platforms all through the African continent, open visa free possibilities all over Africa for all African Americans so that they easily travel across the continent, multiply African cultural centers in America, Brazil, Jamaica and so forth.

Well, he can also set up a committee with foolish African head of States to pilot at the African Union the implementation of digital banking solutions which will enable each African State to annually transfer funds to individual African Americans, African Brazilians, African Haitians, African Asians, African Europeans, all of which will just have to register online in African cultural centers based in their countries. Of course you don’t make folk dances or advertisement when you implement such solutions. You just do it silently. You can also channel a portion of the money directly to selected African primary schools, high schools and universities were thy African Americans, African Brazilians, African Asians collected from the streets and poor quarters of their countries will come and study for free. Here again funding solutions are too abundant and let us not waist time giving details on simple things (mobile telecommunication companies earning insulting income because of their monopoly situation which weak and corrupted governments cannot control, oil, gas and mines exportations, Africans travelling on airplanes and who will not even feel a small two USD tax on each air trip, billions of bottles of beers drank in Africa per year and which can be taxed a cent per bottle, African dictators funds confiscated by Western banks…).

What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?

In addition to all this we hope that the spiritless African American has now understood the ultimate iniquity of these massive Quantitative Easing (Q.E) through which the FED gave billions upon billions USD to global systemic banks, insurance companies and pension funds while millions of poor African Americans, European Americans and Indian Americans were abandoned to their own poverty. All this happened when the playing Hollywood star was in the White House. Is not this the right definition treason? Is not this a great shame for Africa? So may be OBAMA will now quickly seize the leadership of a global “Quantitative Easing for People” movement.


Very good occupations and challenges proposed to the Harvard fellow, hoping that he is able to resurrect and become something more than a spiritless Hollywood star. Can we hope so? Yes we can.


Shalom to all the nations of the earth.

Reverend Apostle Joseph TOUBI.



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